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Dark Team- Honour and Justice

Welcome all Dark members! During the day,we live in shadows-'tis at night were we destroy the light for we are the darkness!(author dark jay).
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This time the one whu enters in Hall of Fame will get to chose 1 item:very gud sceptr,gloves,helm or boots,when he chose that 1 item,other to items goes to 2nd and 3rd place(execpt for me). Sow try and win!!
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 Step 1.Caracter creation

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Step 1.Caracter creation Empty
PostSubject: Step 1.Caracter creation   Step 1.Caracter creation I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 5:26 pm

Available classes:
!Blade Master!
100 hp
10 atk
10 def
0 mana
1 bravery
Rampage : provides 10 min extra hunt time. Usable each 3 day.
Each lvl gains : +10 hp +2 atk +3 def +10 mana +2 bravery
! Archmage !
100 hp
10 atk
10 def
100 mana
1 bravery
Specials :
Able to cast fire ball spell (25 mana ) and heal spell (50 mana )
Each Lvl Gains : +5 hp +3 atk +1 def +10 mana +1 bravery

Am inlovd with farytale even thow it hurts and i dont care if i loose my maind cas am already cursd!
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Step 1.Caracter creation
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