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Welcome all Dark members! During the day,we live in shadows-'tis at night were we destroy the light for we are the darkness!(author dark jay).
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This time the one whu enters in Hall of Fame will get to chose 1 item:very gud sceptr,gloves,helm or boots,when he chose that 1 item,other to items goes to 2nd and 3rd place(execpt for me). Sow try and win!!
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 Rules of Game and Forum

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Rules of Game and Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Game and Forum   Rules of Game and Forum I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 5:33 pm

1. You may have only 1 character.
2. Character deletion has be given after prior notice
3. Every character will have a hunting time of 1 hour each day at the beginning and will keep on increasing slowly as the character lvls up.
4. Character may fight monsters whose stats are reasonably lower than that of the character's.
5. After fighting monster the characters health decreases by ( the health of monster divided by your attack multiplied by his damage ).
6. Any overuse of character or a dead characters use will lead to ban.
7. Each monster will have a specified hunting time that will affect your hunting time. Like if you hunt bear with hunting time allotted 5 min then your hunting time will be decreased by 5 min each time to hunt em.
8. Character hp left has to be calculated and specified by the player after each kill ( optional )
9. Players can't fight monsters above their bravery which is gained by doing quests.

Am inlovd with farytale even thow it hurts and i dont care if i loose my maind cas am already cursd!
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Rules of Game and Forum
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